The e-TXT Mobile Payment System
  1. Multiple On-Ramps
    Web, email, social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.) and text initiated mobile. GTSG's patent-pending technology enables standard web payment methods plus much faster payments in response to TV, radio, print, direct mail and events using text.
  2. Multiple Gateways And Processors Supported
    Support offered for FDR, Payment Data Systems, First American Payment Systems, TransFirst, Fairway Payments, SALT Technology and Stripe. e-TXT supports recurring payments, split settlement, merchant fees (percentage or flat) and full breakdown reporting.
  3. Responsive Design
    Template-based, highly configurable and optimized for mobile, tablet and PC.
  4. Servers and Data
    e-TXT is hosted in the Amazon Cloud and scalable on demand. All sensitive data is stored in a secure PCI level 1 compliant vault.
  5. Reporting and Analytics Portal
    Extensive data capture for analytics, conversion tracking and customizable reports. All data is downloadable.
  6. Federal Election Commission Approved
    The only mobile payment card system approved by the FEC.